About Manumatic Industries


Manumatic was started in 1984 and has grown into Australia's leading aftermarket exhaust manufacturer.


We are an Australian owned and operated company with extensive national distribution outlets making Redback exhaust products easily available throughout Australia.


Over three decades of Australian and International exhaust manufacturing experience, customer service and innovation go into the manufacture of each quality Redback exhaust product.

Our product range includes both Standard Replacement and Performance: direct fit Exhaust Systems, Mufflers and Hot Dogs. In addition, we also have light truck universal mufflers.



Our hi-tech development facility and fitting station ensures all systems are tested for fitment and noise levels, so all Redback exhausts systems have options that are compliant with industry regulations. We have consistent and uncompromising Quality Systems with a continuous improvement culture. 

  RD workshop

Most exhaust system manufacturers, even small ones, use CNC tube benders. Unfortunately, this alone is no guarantee of accuracy, repeatability and thus quality. There are two types of CNC  tube bender, Hydraulic and Electric. The Electric benders are at least twice as expensive as the equivalent capacity hydraulic machine. However; only the electric machine provides the total repeatability which a high quality product requires. There are only two exhaust system manufacturers in Australia completely equipped with Electric CNC tube benders. Australia’s only OEM supplier and Manumatic Industries. This fact alone, sets the Redback product in a league of its own, within the Australian Aftermarket.

  electric CNC tube bender

However, the differences do not stop there. Manumatic Industries’ use of Robotic welding and CNC tube bending, again in the interest of accuracy, repeatability and thus quality, are also unique in the Australian Aftermarket.

  robot welder

Any exhaust system is only as good as its muffling and Manumatic  has one of only two OEM quality muffler manufacturing lines in the Australian aftermarket. Based around a premium quality Eagle case (body) making machine and with proprietary automated material feed and subsequent muffler assembly satellite machines, this line is capable of completing 500 OEM quality mufflers per hour.

  Muffler rolling machine

Finally, some aftermarket  exhaust system manufacturers paint their systems around the weld areas. Only Manumatic paints their entire systems, with paints appropriate to their final application, as a standard part of the manufacturing process.

  Redback paint line2
Manumatic has its own in house tool room, enabling it to design and manufacture whatever tooling is required for a new exhaust system without use of outside sub-contractors. This element of control of the Production process is one factor in the quality assurance for which Manumatic is so rightly recognised   toolin workshop
Manumatic Industries is unique in the Australian Aftermarket in that it can undertake the development, tooling and manufacture of every element of an exhaust system, from exhaust port to system tip, within the one facility in Melbourne Australia.  

All of the above combining to provide Australia’s finest aftermarket exhaust product, whatever the application.