Quality Standards


We apply quality standards to our operations and products to ensure you get a Quality Product that consistently meets or exceeds your requirements at the best cost.

Our manufacturing processes are subjected to inspections at the start of production, during the manufacturing process and at final assembly. This ensures you get products that allow “hassle free” fitting every time and consistent noise performance.

Manumatic Industries recognizes that the quality of our products and services depends largely on the skill and commitment of our employees. Accordingly we will strive to ensure that employees understand and are competent in meeting their responsibilities and that the work environment is both safe and motivating. You will easily recognize a Redback product by the way it looks with its distinctive red and black logo. We are proud of how our products look. All muffler products are given an electrostatic paint coating, either silver or black, giving the product additional protection and a superior finish. Product features which enhance the quality of our workmanship include:

• Muffler cases: 1.2mm thick (2x0.6mm ACMS –Aluminized coated mild steel)
• Stainless steel end plates on selected mufflers

• Ring locked muffler internals – adding strength to the muffler
• Blow filled texturized Fiber glass packing
• Laser cut precision OE quality bracketry and flanges
• Robotic welding processes ensuring accurate fitment of assemblies